It’s Official: Love You to Death Season 2!

I have just signed a contract and it is official: I’m writing a follow-up to Love You to Death to cover season 2 of The Vampire Diaries.


Thank you to everyone who read the book, reviewed it, told a friend about it, tweeted about it, thought kindly about it, et cetera — I really would not be doing this again were it not for support from the TVD fandom and my readers. Or if TVD had sucked this season… so thank you, writers, cast & crew for a brilliant first 10 episodes.

The plan is for the book to come out in September, and it’s already time for me to get started on the cover design. (The wacky thing about working at my publisher is I get to be a lot more involved than most authors are in the process.) How will I ever find a photo that is as awesome as the one on the first book?

Anyway — back to the day job, just had to share the happy news. Woop!

9 thoughts on “It’s Official: Love You to Death Season 2!

  1. That’s amazing. I love the vampire diaries book and also the season. The actors are beautiful. Ian Somerhalder plays Damon very good and he can the mimic how Damon. Everything on this Season and book is good and better than twilight. Look on this homepage and give money
    It’s from Ian Somerhalder and on Wednesday he is celebrate birthday and his biggest wish is money for his foundation. Help !!

  2. Hi Crissy!
    That’s great news!!!!!! I’m really excited for your Second book for Vampire Diaries!! Season 2. I have read your first book Love you to Death and it was amazing and I loved the pics you choose! Great Job!

  3. I am so excited to find out you’ve contracted for the second season book! Thoroughly enjoyed the first one and am looking forward to the release of the new one!

  4. oh thats so amazing!! your first book was such great to read!! the only thing I want you to do in the second one: MORE DAMON/IAN pictures^^

    I’m exited for the second one anyway ;)

  5. Hello Crissy

    I loved your book, very much looking forward to the 2nd seasons version,
    I was wondering if i could be of any assistance regarding your cover for your 2nd book, i am an Ad Designer, i have had quite a few years experience in high end Ad production for many national magazines and newspapers. I would very much like to help you and produce a few samples of potential covers and styles if you are interested.

    Please let me know as i would love to hear from you,

    Many thanks

    David Durrant (UK)

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