“dancer, editor”…

there’s a Q&A in with me in the Globe and Mail! and it’s all about Dance Dance Party Party Toronto, which is on tomorrow at Mad for Dance, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. High fives to my dancing compatriots in the photo: Ms. Sarah Dunn and my sister Sarain. The wise and ANTM-versed Jen Knoch warned us not to forget our faces even though we were dancing — alas it looks like I forgot my face. That, my friends, is a dance face if ever I saw one.

Luckily at real DDPP it’s all about lack of composure! Check out the DDPP blog here.

2 thoughts on ““dancer, editor”…

  1. Hi Crissy — This looks like SO MUCH FUN. My birthday is coming up and since last year I’m trying to host an all gal annual celebration event. Last year was Body Blitz. This year Dance Dance party party strikes a real chord with me. I’m wondering what your schedule is for the next few weeks so that I could pitch it to my lady friends. Of course I’d let you know in advance how many I expect to show up! Please do let me know. thanks mucho — yours in dance madness/leslie

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