this week in awesome things

  1. i booked a flight to england for my dear darling claire’s wedding and it flies thru ICELAND which means that i will be in ICELAND for two hours in May.
  2. the Toronto Star published a nice article about Dance Dance Party Party
  3. i bought three awesome pens: pink, blue, and purple, and they write super smooooth and they make everything more fun. (well, everything writing related more fun)
  4. i saw my sister Sarain on the big movie screen as a crazy effed up coke head in A Wake, which is playing at AMC Theatres in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal
  5. Britney Spears released her new video. And minus the disembodied lips and product placement, I really like it a lot. (Kind of insane that it has 9.5 million views already.)
  6. my book cover for Love You to Death – Season 2 is done! And I’m in love with it. I was worried that since I loved the first book’s cover so much there was no way the second book could measure up but…maybe I even like it more? Hard to say. The only downer is that I can’t yet show it to the world — the image we licensed for the cover is under embargo until May 1. So mark your calendars…
  7. Elijah. Elijah. Elijah. (my post on The Dinner Party is up on
  8. Holiday Monday! I am rewatching some Gossip Girl episodes in preparation for more GG goodness this eve. Dan and Blair, you rule my world.
  9. chocolate chip banana bread, and really good soup.

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