And so it ends!

It’s season finale times on my TV — and my last post for this double-bells brilliant season of The Vampire Diaries is up over at Read it and maybe weep? If you’re as big a sucker as I am for some of the emotional twists that went down in “As I Lay Dying” you just might shed a tear as you reminisce.

And tonight’s the finale of Gossip Girl! I’ve been INCREDIBLY lax in my Gossip Girl bloggery this season — the excuse I was using was that the less frequently I blogged on the show, the more I seemed to enjoy it. But I haven’t been crazy about some of the latest episodes . . . we’ll see how this whole Thorpe schmozzle wraps up tonight. What I am wholeheartedly excited about is joining Angela and company at Talking Gossip After Dark to talk about the finale.

The one other season finale I’ve already seen — thanks to my roommate’s insistence that I take a break from writing Love You to Death 2 for some paintball genius — is Community‘s. OMG. This show just blows my mind. If you’re not watching it, maybe you should pick up the two season’s of DVDs as your summer tv viewing. I rate it: COMEDY GOLD. (pop pop!)

Time to get ready for work!

2 thoughts on “And so it ends!

  1. Are you planning on another Gossip Girl book to cover seasons 3 and 4? I have my fingers crossed because I really loved the first one!

    • hey Naomi! that’s kind of you to ask. At the moment I don’t have plans to — to be perfectly honest the first book didn’t sell well enough for my publisher to be able to put out a second volume!

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