The Secret Circle: Loner (ep 103)


Not my favorite episode — it felt less fresh or twisted or surprising than the first two.

That said, I still love Faye — her magical frustration, her distaste for being bound to the circle to access her power, her cocksure attitude with just a twinge of loneliness, and her coming to Melissa’s defense when she saw her hurting. She may be bitchy sometimes, but she’s a good friend in the end. Aw, Faye.

As much as I’ve loved the Adam/Cassie in the past, I was a little tired of it this episode. Ya, ya, they stare at each other and everyone can tell they have the hots for each other. The Generic Boy interested in Cassie, Adam trying not to be jealous about it … got it. The relationship between Cassie and Diana? That was more compelling. I liked their reluctant friendship, how Diana came to her rescue in the parking lot and their united power repelled the attacker. And mad props to Diana for her honest conversation with Cassie at the end of the episode — she sees what everyone else does and she doesn’t want to lose Adam to Cassie. But instead of seeing Cassie as her competition, she see her as a potential friend. Love it.

The girl power/friendshippy moments were also my faves with Melissa and Faye. In a continuation of last week’s bad news relationship, Melissa tries to make her relationship with Nick more than physical, but is cruelly shot down. In the witch house, Faye callously calls her on her low self-esteem, but she later sees that Melissa is actually upset and consoles her (by telling her that Nick hates Nick and is “double damaged”). Loved that Faye stood up for Melissa with Nick, even if that meant she’d be the loner of the circle.

The parents were slightly less interesting this episode than last and slightly less threatening despite their “marking” of Zachary Larson. He, on the other hand, was legit menacing with his “it can’t happen again” in the parking lot (where Cassie is traumatized on like a weekly basis) and with his witch bashing later. Are there others who know the secret of the circle and will come after them?


  • What can a bound circle do that is so threatening? Is it their potential power? What is it that Charles and Principal Chamberlain want the circle to do?
  • Does Sally know what is going on? She seems to be piecing things together…
  • What happened to Heather? Looks like we’ll find out next week and it’s scary as heck.

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