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morning lovelies,

the question that lies before me: am I too sick to go to work? i have one of these stupid colds where my brain is half working but…? Living across the street at least makes the commitment to going in rather minimal. Bed is always only 3 minutes away.

But that is besides the point: I am here to link to a few little things —

An interview for ECW’s Books on TV site! Jen Knoch and I talk TVD, Price Peterson, and how awesome Revenge is here.

I joined Nikki Stafford’s year-long Buffy rewatch this week to talk about three excellent season 7 episodes, and you can read my rambling thoughts here.

And finally, I don’t remember ever posting about Love You to Death — Season 2 being available in various eBook formats — but guess what you guys! It is. On Kindle. At the Apple iBookstore. For yo’ Kobo. Et cetera and so on. (And the bonus for people with fancy colour-screen eReaders: all the photos are in colour, not just the pretty photo section.)

It’s the time of year where I talk to my publisher about the next installment of Love You to Death . . . so, um, you know, if you were thinking it might make an excellent holiday gift for the TVD loving person in your life, no time like the present to buy up all the copies in the universe.

Fingers crossed for season 3!

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