Announcing a Pretty Little Liars Companion Book: Rosewood Confidential

Coming June 2012

I’m pleased as punch to announce Rosewood Confidential: The Unofficial Companion to Pretty Little Liars that Jen Knoch and I are writing under the alias Liv Spencer (see our past co-creations here). For those of you familiar with my episode guides for Gossip Girl and/or The Vampire Diaries, you know what to expect: an episode by episode guide to the first two seasons of the show along with cast bios, details on the making of the show, literary and cultural references, and a comparison to Sara Shepard’s original book series. And the bonus: it’s a full color extravaganza with tons of photos of the ridiculously good-looking cast!

For all the juicy details on the breakout hit TV show that has people talking, tweeting, and tuning in week after week, look no further than Rosewood Confidential, the first companion book to the dark deeds, ugly secrets, and flashy fashion of Pretty Little Liars. Rosewood Confidential features an episode guide to the first two seasons of ABC Family’s hit show, bios of the stars, and the story of how a New York Times bestselling book series by Sara Shepard became a pop culture phenomenon. It’s as thrilling as a text message from a dead girl…

It comes out June 15 but it’s available for preorder now at all the usual places like, and/or you could add it to your Goodreads! (Yes, we added it to our reading-it shelves even though we’re still writing it.) We’ll be doing contest giveaways in the spring and doling out review copies to PLL fan sites so be sure to check back here or drop me an email (crissycalhoun [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’re interested.

Hurrah! I hope you’re as excited as Jen and me (fused into one mind as Liv) — and only two more sleeps til Pretty Little Liars returns! Let’s celebrate by watching that MuchMusic promo again and again… (Byron’s reaction to Fitz kills me.)

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