good morning! i am happy to report that after leaving my coffee maker on for 14 hours the other day, it is back in business— clean and functional and brewing. It doesn’t even seem that mad at me for nearly ruining it and my entire home through negligence.

there are lots of things I wanted to tell y’all about, so I think a list is in order…

  1. Rosewood Confidential: The Unofficial Companion to Pretty Little Liars is back from the printer! And it’s so pretty and creepy and a real book. Its official publication date is June 15, but I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-orders started shipping a little bit earlier than that… And you guys, season 3 of PLL starts SO soon.
  2. I have retired! From Dance Dance Party Party. After four fond years, I have passed the dance baton. Read my goodbye here & welcome Hanna as Suzie’s co-captain.
  3. It’s also the end of the TV season, and that means that the last of my season 3 posts for is up. (I thought I’d make it about 40% longer than usual. Cool?) The Departed: It’ll Be Fine… (And if you’re ever looking for a particular ep’s post, I have a catalogue of them here.)
  4. Love You to Death Season 2 was selected as one of the Pennsylvania School Library Association’s top 40 nonfiction titles of 2011! “If you live and breathe The Vampire Diaries, this book provides all the behind-the-scenes looks at Season 2.”
  5. It’s me (aka Rosy Cheeks) and Tash!

    I Heart TVD Radio had its very last episode last Saturday night, and I had the privilege of joining in the round table discussion of the TVD finale. Listen here — I’m the one laughing hysterically most of the time, and quietly weeping when Price Peterson quite rightly thanks Tash for all her incredible hard work and her incomparable humor. Congrats to all involved in three amazing seasons of I Heart TVD Radio!

  6. More good news for LYtD2: a lovely review in London, ON’s Scene magazine:

Prolific TV writer Crissy Calhoun is back with a companion guide to The Vampire Diaries, the CW Network’s wildly popular vampire soap opera starring Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. As with Calhoun’s guide to season one, this recently released book breaks down each of season two’s shows, which originally ran September 2010 to May 2011. ‘Episode recap’ doesn’t adequately describe what happens on these pages. With forensic precision, Calhoun delves into each of the season’s 21 episodes, providing the synopsis as well as a host of other details sure to please diehards and those who are new to Mystic Falls. Calhoun places the plots of each story into context with the show’s wider mythology, exposes symbols and other minutiae, provides trivia, and outlines all the music, film, literature, and pop culture that are featured as part of the show. Furthermore, the book is chock full of photos – some colour – and also includes interviews with cast members Bryton James and Tiya Sircar, and an interesting timeline detailing the characters’ histories based on information revealed over the course of the show. Fans will no doubt find themselves returning to this text time and time again.

I think that’s it! I have thoughts about the Gossip Girl finale, and the season as a whole, and I hope to get those posted soon. Other than that: next week I am hunkering down in front of this computer to work on the manuscript for Love You to Death Season 3 — which, I will be honest with you, is proving trickier than previous seasons of TVD to write about — so if you catch me procrastinating on Twitter, please give me a friendly ‘get back to work’ smackdown.


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