good morning… i am having a properly sleepy, brain-won’t-flicker-on type morning, but there are a few things I’ve been meaning to post about here on this old dear bloggy.

I went to Iceland after my Frankfurt Buch Fair trip, and it was literally the best trip of my life. I may have taken over 1,200 photos. Oops? The thing is, with that many photos, it’s turned into this thing that I have to take care of — to sort through them and post the bestest ones, and to remember how to spell the name of the crazy-beautiful place we were in. So I am moving at a glacial place (to bust out one of my favorite Iceland times jokes). So stay tuned for pictures of me looking super happy next to glorious landscapes. Or getting some attention from a friendly roadside Icelandic horse:

Some things:

An interview at Ain’t Nothing But Music — Pat asked me some great questions about writing the Love You to Death series and my thoughts on TVD and why it is so freaking good.

My alter ego Liv Spencer has a new home! That’s where I’ll post about Pretty Little Liars when it returns, as well as other good stuff along with partner-in-crime Jen Knoch. (In this case, “crime” = “writing.”)

I’ve updated my archive of TVD posts with links to my Vampire-Diaries.net “in review” posts for this season. (I know. You were like drumming your fingers, waiting for this.)

I cannot wait to read the follow-up to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I finally picked up the other day: Days of Blood and Starlight. I also (finally) read Holly Black’s second book in the Curse Workers series, Red Glove, and now I’m in that funny spot of wanting to read the last book desperately and wanting to stave off the end of the series. In that vein, I still have not read the last book in Gail Carriger’s Alexia Tarrabotti series because I will miss her so. So many books, so little time. Cuz I’m watching the telly so much.

Speaking of, I enjoyed the first few episodes of Nashville, but hmmm. It’s already getting a little tired for me.  But I do love the songwriting duo of Avery and Scarlett and their beautiful duets: I will download whatever they release on iTunes. Fact.

Otherwise, listening to: RedRedRed.

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