and with writing before me…

I can’t go far wrong. That’s the Virginia Woolf quotation I used to have under the Tribune header up there, and it pops into my head almost daily now. Because all the books are written!

It has been a very busy year for me thus far: Jen and I wrote Navigating the Shadow World, and originally we conceived it as a companion to the first three TMI books, the upcoming City of Bones movie, and the story of Cassie and the fandom. That would fill a book! Then as we got into it, we just couldn’t stop. So three books swelled to five (to cover the TMI series thus far), and then how — how? — could we talk about TMI without talking about The Infernal Devices? We couldn’t. All to say: There was a lot of writing before me. But the book is finished and shiny and out in the world and it seems like people like it? TMI Source likes it — and that was huge for us.

And with the Swift One, our biography-plus (new type of book, since it is not a straight biography, as a Goodreads reviewer was kind enough to point out…) got an update and rewrite this spring too. Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition is also longer than it was supposed to be — oh man, this is terrible; as an editor, I hate it when authors submit manuscripts that are too long, and here we go doing it every time — but it’s all Taylor Swift’s fault. She just kept doing stuff? And being interesting. Once that writing was finished up, and the book was off to the printers, Jen and I started writing fan fiction about Taylor. Which I can promise you I never imagined I would be doing this year — or enjoying it so much. The Taylor fans are so kind to us, and so happy to have a place to like Tay without people (or very many people) hating on them and her. Which reminds me how mean people can be. (Why ya gotta be so mean?)

I haven’t written fiction in ages and ages (like maybe since high school?), and as scary as it is to do it, and then post it where an infinite number of people could read it, I gotta say I was pat-myself-on-the-back proud to have done it. Same for writing this short piece for the Toronto Star about going to camp. It was my first time being published in a newspaper (!) and my first time writing about myself — not fan fiction, not non-fiction about somebody else or somebody else’s creation, but a This Happened to Me and Maybe It’s Interesting For You to Read? story. Eep! I just said yes, I’d do it, and then there I was committed to doing it, and so I did it. I think that’s the secret for me: jumping in before I think about it too much. (Baby, just say yes.) (There’s a Taylor Swift lyric for everything.)

So now that Love You to Death Season 4 is written (even the introduction which Vee and I put off to the very last second), and typeset, and (basically almost) off to the printers, what lies before me? What do I do with all my book-writing time?? I have my Taylor stories to write for the next month, but then………? So far, I’ve been filling all my spare time with TELEVISION. I watched all of Scandal. I’m two episodes away from finishing Orange Is the New Black. And it’s both refreshing and kind of sad that that series is so remarkable because it has countless characters in it who are women, the kind of women you don’t normally see on TV, the kind of women who have their own shit going on separate from their relationships to men (mother, wife, sister). You know, like men on most every other TV series. Le sigh. Anyway: refreshing.

8:42. I should get myself to work. This is the bonus of living one minute away from ECW HQ; I can look at the clock, see I have T-minus-18 minutes to get myself in order, and waltz into the office in plenty o’ time. Also the bonus of throwing my hair up in a bun every day.

À bientôt,

p.s. ha — i just looked at my previous posts, and saw I posted a ‘with writing before me’ entry a few short months ago. I guess I like it? will be more creative with next post title & content…..

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