better than before: day 2

The Revamp Project continues! (An important part of my habits-overhaul is coming up with titles for things; so far, I am not excelling in that regard. More rhymes and word-play required before I am satisfied.)

I’m feeling good. I’m two days in on the Wake Up at 6 habit, on the 20 Minutes with Rodney habit (I’m doing a 20-min beginner yoga video in my PJs right after my morning pee), and (though I haven’t yet written this down in my ever-growing list of habits cuz I’m just realizing now I’m making it a habit), I’m two days in on the Eat a Hot Breakfast habit as well.

Having so much time in the morning is really … peaceful?, and this morning I used my CrissyCalhounWritingProjectTime (official name for this block of time TK) to work on ideas for a writing contest. I think, for my brain, the fact that The Decision Has Already Been Made makes it so much easier to just sit down and start working. I’ve already decided that this time, from 7 to 8:30 am, is for my writing; no waffling, no weaselling, no bargaining, no oh-but-I-should-clean-up-instead-because-my-mom-is-coming-over-tonight. She’s seen a slightly messy house before.

we-saddle-office-chair-g825-alt5_zI also happened to be sitting in a brand-new desk chair that cost way more money than its worth, but maybe not more than its worth to me, because I love it and am more comfortable by miles than I was in my old IKEA Stefan chair (which I had decried on this here blog way back in 2010 and I had since returned to it like a fool). Also I probs look super stylish from the back now. So worth it to me, but still a rip-off in the real world. But that’s West Elm. (My desk area is about 0.03% as stylish as the one in the picture, but please picture my back in that setting as you read this.)

What I need to work on is how to make sure I’m held accountable — I need accountability partners (which sounds very serious) (and a little woo-woo). I’m guessing the thing I’ll have the hardest time with is exercising 6 of 7 days/week. That, and curbing my TV bingeing habit down to a meagre-for-me 5 episodes a week. (Wanna know my shows? OK: The Good Wife, Empire, The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, Jane the Virgin.) (Don’t tell me what I’m missing out on.) (Or maybe do; I can wait til my shows go on hiatus.) Maybe I should send an email out to some likely friend candidates, and ask for their help. I’m also contemplating a personal trainer, which sounds so not like me, but if I’m not spending my moolah on ordering pizza and thai food, what am I going to spend it on? (Save it, you say? No. I’m not there yet. That can be next year’s habit overhaul.)

All right, time to get ready and get to work.


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