better than before: day 14

yesterday’s feeling of pettiness is only amplified today in light of the news. I find it hard to know how to react to these kinds of attacks in a public/social media forum. So often there are civilians killed in acts of war/aggression, and it is barely a blip on my radar. If I even know at all. I didn’t know about the Beirut attack until I was seeing the Paris attacks unfold on Twitter. Or the attack on a hospital where MSF doctors were working a little bit ago. Shouldn’t I be mourning all of these acts of terror equally? What are we supposed to do to make any difference beyond a retweeted message of peace seen only by our own social circle? I guess the answer is engage in politics in our own country and work to ensure that our international policies reflect our beliefs. Give a shit more often.

I’m in Owen Sound this weekend and it is all farmers markets and craft shows and a freaking Christmas Train — ornaments and decorations for sale in a 1953 dining car. Sometimes it really is Stars Hollow here. The bus ride yesterday was 5 hours of sitting,listening to other people’s conversations — and Sigur Ros. No exercise hour, low step count — got in late, hung out w my ma, and then to bed. So not as easy as I thought it would be to keep up.

And doing yoga without a yoga mat is a little slip-slide-y.

love, love, love


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