better than before: day 16

morning pals. On the greyhound, waiting to leave the Sound. Got some bus snacks, some proofreading to do, and a fully charged battery on this here phone-computer.

My weekend of being off the wagon is dunzo! I got up this morning at almost the right time (6:12, I knew you were wondering) and did my 20 min with Rodney. Not sure how I’ll get my walking in today — with my weekend bag, I won’t be walking to and fro the subway/office.

We are on the road! Me and the Mennonites. Their travelling costumes differ from mine, in that they are not wearing Fabletics leggings as pants.

So, back to this habits thing, I’m going to revisit the Better than Before book, and do some strategizing for future “exceptions” — night of gallivanting, trip to O.S. — and sort out how I’m going to handle this shit.

We are driving through a valley and the sunshine is cutting through the foggy dew and melting the frost on the ground and it looks MAGICAL. also ghosty. Also also so many cows.


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