better than before: day 18

Hi pals. Evening went well. Morning going well. I’m back into my project this a.m. after a while away (since…Thursday, I guess? Maybe even Tuesday?), and very happy about that, as it is important to me but no one else, so it’s ripe for my Obliger Ignores It tendency.

Actually, come to think of it, this is probably the thing I’ll need the most help with in terms of habit building. Some of the other routines are already feeling natural — it’s still a big What Am I Doing? when it’s time to exercise in the evening — but I’m definitely going to try to shirk the thing that is the most daunting. So, I’ll make a point about blogging about whether or not I got in my hour of work on it. (I’m knocking off the first 15 min. of the hour & a half for buffering time, and the last 15 for blogging. and more buffer.)

This morning, I did probs 50 minutes of actual working at my desk time. I’m in the easiest stage of things, so it’s not toooooo taxing / scary /etc.

I’d say the thing that is the biggest surprise so far, 18 days in, is how easily I have dumped my habit of watching stunning amounts of television. Last week, I only used up 2 of my 5 tv watching hours. What? I am behind on all my shows. I haven’t even watched the episode of Jane the Virgin that features my #1 favourite pop star of all time, Ms. Britney Jean Spears. What?! I know. Who even am I.

This is partly due to the fact that I have a pile of library books out and feel obliged to blaze thru them, so that’s what I’m doing before bed instead of telly. Currently reading The Royal We, because Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are adapting it for film, and I love them. As it turns out, the book is a delight (100 pgs in), though I would never have picked it up without their endorsement. It’s a freaking royal love story, which I had zero interest in. Now I am hooked.


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