better than before: day 19

have a case of the blerks this morning. didn’t want to get out of bed, so had a bit of a lie-in which means I didn’t have enough time to do everything. I sacrificed yoga to keep the hour of project work, and I feel a little like I missed out. I guess I like my 20 minutes with Rodney. At least I got some work in this morning.

yesterday I managed to get my steps in — requiring a nice walk up to Broadview Station in the pouring rain, sans umbrella (#poorplanning) — and do the full hour of the NYCB workout, despite not wanting to do either. By the time I got to the Little Jumps section, I thought I would fall over. My form is lacking, let’s just say that.

It’s a little startling to have gone from being basically sedentary to doing morning, afternoon, and evening activity (or aiming to). My body is certainly achy in that good I-did-some-activity way (as opposed to that achy I-sat-in-a-chair-too-long way). My tenths of kilograms continue to slowly disappear, so that’s encouraging, and it may keep me on some amended form of No-vember in December and beyond. (I’m thinking no dessert-y treats at home or at work, and some rules about not eating entire cheesy pizzas whenever I hear the word “pizza.”)

I also feel better (most days): sparkier, less creaky.

So let that serve as a reminder to me to keep up all the activities. Maybe I should do the evening yoga episode tonight to make up for my morning flop.

In other news, Jen sent along another personality quiz and I’m a Defender (less Bodyguard than it sounds), ISFJ-A. The long description of my type includes the phrase “dutiful sex,” so excuse me while I go lie down forever in a dark cave. (God I hope I’m not actually like that.) (If you do the quiz, plz tell me your type.)

Time to get ready to go to a noisy construction office. yayyyyyyy.


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