better than before: day 20

happy Hunger Games day! Going to see it this afternoon on a work outing  woot woot; got my mockingjay pin at the ready.

Back in business this morning with my yoga, things feel nicely on track. Got my hour of work in this a.m. Gonna extend my commute walk this morning (getting on the subway one station further east) to get in some of the steps I’ll be missing out on due to THG: MJ P2. Will have to rally this evening and make sure I do my dance party post–work hang. And entering weekend territory is the diciest for me, habits wise. It’s just a loosey goosey schedule free 48 hours! Who knows what will happen when!

I think I’m gonna bank my no-exercise day for next week, and blaze thru today and the weekend. My mum is staying at my place on Monday and Tuesday in my room, which means it’ll be a little trickier to get my evening exercises in. (Morning should be no prob, because I’ll be up earlier than everyone but the cat, and he judges me whether or not I’m fucking up yoga poses in the living room.)

Woah, where did the 15 minutes of blogging time go? Shit, I better get ready for work. May the odds be ever in our favour! k, bye!

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