better than before: day 27

I’m still a little on the Floppy ZZZs track, but I *think* I have successfully not gotten the cold (though I still feel slightly chesty and congested) and I’m feeling a little more with it and wanting to bust out some habitual behaviours.

Despite having a half day at work, and spending the afternoon getting my hair done (i.e., reading about RiRi, napping in the chair, and getting the best goddamn head massage while Martha at Fuss washed the dye outta my hair), I was full-on knackered by 5 p.m. So last night, I did nothing but read a book in bed — so I’m another day without exercising and this week’s stats will be the worst thus far. But this morning I got up almost at 6 and did my yoga. I’m also back eating Red River with berries for breakfast (I took a break because it got to the point where it looked and tasted like purple slop and I couldn’t bear another bite), and enjoying it. And it feels habit-y. What I haven’t done this morning is any work at all. I futzed on the internet looking at Black Friday sales and didn’t even pretend like I was gonna work. So, that’ll be another abysmal report for the week.

Though I have a whole weekend ahead of me to get my hours of work and exercising in. So I shall. An important weekend plan is going for a swim at my local pool. I’ve been there before, so it’s not the Great Unknown. One step closer to trying this synchro thing, which has been unanimously declared a Good Idea by you lot.

Next week will be scheduling disruption city: I’m cat-sitting my half brothers, Taffy and Liquorice, so I’ve got to get to my dad’s place in the a.m. and p.m. Sunday night to Thursday morning, and then my ma is coming back to stay Tuesday and Wednesday nights. (I’m thinking maybe I can work in my exercise at my dad’s house, so the cats have some company and aren’t put in their overnight room too early.) (They have their own room. It is sort of smelly.) (I’m being kind. It stinks like cats.) Then it’s our work hols party on Thursday night, and a low-key friend hang on Friday. Point being, this weekend, I will also make a very specific plan for how to get my stuff accomplished whilst also doing all the other stuff.

In Happier podcast news, I am trying one of their easy Try This At Homes: make your bed. It definitely works for me when I do it: I feel less all over the place; my room just looks like a more calm and inviting space (and my desk is in my room, so I work better in here when it’s tidy); and I’m pretty sure Bear appreciates not being left in a jumble pile.

A demain, mes amies! 

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