better than before: day 28

you guys, I may officially be in the habit of breaking my new habits.

26Things I did not do this morning:

  1. wake up at 6, or anywhere near 6
  2. do my 20 minutes with Rodney
  3. wash my face, then get dressed, and weigh myself
  4. eat my Red River cereal with fruit (had toast+cheese+kielbasa instead)
  5. do anything resembling real work

I did make my bed.

Yesterday evening was also a habits fail. Pop-up friend hang at my apartment led to thai delivery (and tho I ate less than I normally would on such an occasion, to stay within No-vember confines, it was certainly a less healthy meal than the one I’d mentally planned to eat) and no exercising. I went to bed a little later than normally (which I turned into an excuse to sleep in this morning), and instead of evening yoga’ing, I read in bed. (Now onto Shonda Rhimes’s book Year of Yes that has the most awful subtitle in the history of subtitles but I am reading it anyway. Her writing is as dramatic as an episode of Scandal, which is to say very.)

So basically it’s Saturday and — besides being on track with my steps this week — everything else is helter skelter, chaos and lack of control. And I’m not even, like, having greats wads of fun whilst jamming salt and vinegar chips in my mouth and chugging bourbon. This is just low-level lameness.

My problem (one of my problems) is that I’ve gone back into my old mindset of re-visiting decisions and flaking out on them, instead of just blazing forth with that decision-made, no-waffling fire that I had back on idyllic day 1. I’m letting little disruptions snowball into big ones, finding excuses to be lazy left, right, and center. Basically, I’ve started ignoring my manager when I really, really should just do what’s laid out for me.

So: time to stop the spiral. Advice welcome. Comments that read get your shit together Calhoun in all-caps welcome.

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