better than before: evening 28

special bulletin! be-beep be-beep. 

this morning’s post was such a depths of failure type situation — Demerits EVERYWHERE — that I want to do a mini update full of shiny sparkling gold stars.

I made a plan for the week ahead with its tricksy things to shuffle, and I made decisions about what would slide and what would not, and I’m no longer feeling waffly about it. I’m locked in.

Part of that was trying out a new exercise video that I can do quietly in the living room in the morning when Ma is here and she’s still asleep and so is Erino, and that I can do at my dad’s while the cats chase each other than hell-kittens. So, instead of ZERO exercise points this week: I got ONE.

Then I made some serious soup, perfect for the night before a long trek across the Siberian wastelands. Healthy food eating times. No more takeout.

AND then I did MORE exercise. I tried a different Denise Austin dance party workout, and it was somehow even cheesier and annoying than my normal one. (I didn’t like it. Back to the old one.) TWO exercise points.

So many things were crossed off my to-do list today, but most importantly I do not feel at sea anymore. I feel like my head is back in the game. So let’s celebrate the only way I know how: with Baby Zac Efron.

The rest of my evening will feature getting some writing work done (my week ahead plan sacrificed those hours for cat care) and the evening session of yoga. I AM ON IT.



2 thoughts on “better than before: evening 28

  1. Weekends are so hard! The fact that you got your shit together and got back on track before Monday morning started creeping up is super awesome! You’re going to rock the next week – I promise.

    Also, unsolicited breakfast advice coming your way! I am generally a smoothie gal, because I can stick a bunch of greens and hemp hearts in with my banana and frozen cherries and get the super yum factor I need. However, one of my breakfast alternatives, in case you’d like to try something new, is this:

    It’s already prepared in the fridge when I get up. I put hemp hearts, almonds, raisins and pomegranate seeds on top and I’m good to go. Just a thought. Although, I’m suddenly remembering that bananas are not your fave… Is that right? If so, try:

    Just an extra idea for you!

    • thanks, Tammy. I tried a chia overnight jar thing maybe a year or two ago and liked it! And you are right: bananas make me feel queasy, tho I actually quite like them. I’m ok with small amounts / frozen guys whipped up in a smoothie. I was also thinking about going back to making a tofu scramble some mornings; I got almost pretty good at those a while back.

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