better than before: day 32

Happy birthday, Britney Spears! 

Yesterday was another very important lady’s bday and to celebrate we went for lunch and I had pizza for the first time in weeks. I still like it!! Ate half per my No-Ever no bingeing rule, but even that (shocker) is probs too much for me to hit the modified Can Food Guide spread of veg and starches and etc. There was no room for starches at supper. But…I’m supposed to be having lighter dinners anyway and I can’t say that I was hungry without them. Thanks to the gigantic lunch. 

Anyway. Food: tricky stuff! 

I feel like there is cat hair everywhere and in my eyeballs and I am pretty ready for the catsitting to be over. Tho the cats did NOT pee on the newspaper overnight (because there was Swift Squad content on that newsprint & they respect her and celebrate female friendship) and they are being sweet and peaceful this morning. Maybe they have resigned themselves to John and Ingrid never returning. 

A Softer World sees into the hearts of Taffy & Licorice

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