Don’t use it.

After my peppy, earnest blog yesterday morning, we discovered our kitchen sink has decided to kick off the year by not draining for no discernible reason! And this morning, the sink sits there with gd drano in it, not draining, and apparently plumbers don’t work on sinks with sitting drano because it’s super hazardous. So…not sure what the next step is. My goal for today is making sure me and my roommate do not end up with drano burns from a DIY plumbing adventure.

On the plus side, I got to enjoy my last afternoon of TV bingeing for the foreseeable future, rewatching last season’s The Good Wife with Erin (who has not yet seen it). AND playing Candy Crush at the same time. Two things I get full-on addicted to that will be dropped like hot potatoes coated in Drano by tomorrow eve. (I think the TV watching is already dunzo for the weekend.)

And the brunch that we were meant to be hosting this morning has been pushed to next weekend, so now I don’t quite know what to do with myself today. (And I’m realizing that the brunch will have to be more carefully negotiated treat-wise, since it is usually quite the festival of eating delicious things and it now occurs after my Revamp Project kicks off. Huh. Sad trombone.)

But seriously what I have learned from my now extensive how-to-unclog-a-drain research is don’t rush out and buy drano. It is so far totally useless, as described on the many, many message boards I have discovered on this topic.

First lesson of the year. Thanks ever so much, 2016.

ADDENDUM: The drain is draining! Hallelujah! I did some McGyver tricks (notably using a turkey baster) and now we are back in business with ZERO chemical burns. 2016 is back on track.

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