One more sleep til I kick off my revamping, second round, and I am funfetti / so ready. (I hope that doesn’t mean something pervy, Joe Jonas; I just mean I feel like a sprinter in the blocks, waiting for the starting pistol. Which will fire funfetti, naturally.)

Two of my dear, darling accountability partners have posted about their Adventures in 2016 Reform: Tammy is back at it after a December break, and Heather (who I mostly call Vee, so don’t get confused if I swap names) has some excellent resolutions and declares her “word of the year” to be cultivate. (I may steal her 2014 word, decisive, for my 2016 word, but need to think on it a little. I’ve never had a word of the year before…)

As part of Resolution #5, be frugal aka WWJKD?, I’m going to try to convince my local squad to start coming over here for drinks + games nights, instead of going out for dinner + drinks. We went to Indie Ale House last night, and it was just loud and trapped-feeling and not that tasty. Scattergories + beer that is actually good = better, cheaper, and the mums still get to have the I Got the Eff Out of My House feeling, cuz they are at our kid-free house! Win, win, win.

One slight bummer that I’m going to have to sort out is that my wrist pain is getting worse and worse, and my pal who is a doctor diagnosed it as tendinitis (it’s fun to make your friends do their job while they eat their supper on a Saturday night) and said rest it. And get a brace (like Rachel has! matchers). So…I anticipate some workarounds will be necessary when I do my yoga and some other bits of exercise, and I’m not really sure how to rest it while I’m working, etc. Tried to pour with my left hand this morning, instead of my broken right, and made a wee mess. I guess I am collecting ailments that start with T: I’m officially in year 3 of tinnitus (boo, go away constant ringing companion); now, tendinitis; next up, who knows?!

Time for me to start my day proper. Happy last day of holidays, my friends. xo

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