My sister told me to start putting coconut oil on my face, and now I smell like a tropical vacation. Not a bad way to start my day. And when I get to my 30-degree-Celsius place of employment, my face will feel right at home. Here’s to hoping we don’t have our windows open on the second coldest day of winter.

Day 1 of the New Regime went… OK. I had no problem sticking to Ban-uary (hats off to JK for that excellent name); I didn’t even look in the bag of baked goods from Bonjour Brioche and, without meaning to, under-ate my  carby/starches for the day. I did however clock in low on my steps, but I’m blaming that on the -24 weather. Not exercising in the evening or prepping my lunch for today or any of the other stuff I was supposed to do? Blaming that on me, not even glancing at my little day planner sheet.

OTM-OrigI could also blame that on Dr. Oliver Sacks (R.I.P.). I am reading On the Move and it’s a delight. Post-supper (pork chop + chutney, roasted broccoli with parmesan, basil and lemon = v. tasty), I got into bed and read and then fell asleep with the lights on. I thought I’d start my reading year with a ‘lives well lived’ story — and holy shit did Dr. Sacks do all the things (including lotsa drugs, weight lifting, motorcycling, and reckless ocean swimming). My idea of him from RadioLab and his books is just a teeny tiny fraction of a fascinating life. His middle name was Wolf, and I feel like he 100% lived up to it. (Also I’m v. glad he stopped eating amphetamines like candy when he did. That was not cool, Wolf. Not cool at all.)

Today, I’ve got to start on the exercising front. Despite the “getting out of bed” part, the return to morning yoga has been pleasant (I’m not putting weight on my bad wrist in the two moves that require it), but I’m less inclined to exercise so I’m going to have to keep that Decision Has Already Been Made thing front of mind today and plough ahead. (Or plow ahead, for any American readers. Hi Vee.)

okay bye.

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